The Latest Customer Raves

Customer Raves for ABS help desk outsourcing

Whether supporting levels 1, 2, or 3, on site or remote, ABS employees are on the front lines of communication with our customers and, for this reason, can directly impact our reputation with them, in the process building a long term relationship that helps to grow our business. So we think it's great when our clients take the time out to recognize the excellent work that our team does. Below are just a few recent raves we've received directly from some of our valued customers recognizing the outstanding level of service delivered by our team members.

"I have to say, I'm impressed - more than satisfied - with the average response from the new help desk. IT issues can be particularly thorny since there is so much variation from user to user, PC to PC, and since simple issues are often not. The help desk folks I talk to are consistently organized, knowledgeable and any form of phone support, this does not match the stereotype."
     - Manager of Package Engineering

“We have worked on many projects, supported thousands of tickets, complaints and requests. Some new changes to the process and greater effort on documentation and cultural changes. In the midst of all these, you all supported the change and came out in flying colors. Every one of you is doing a great job supporting our goals with your hard work and dedication. I’m very pleased and happy to be associated with you guys in the same team.”
     - Director of IT Service Delivery

"The service I received was great! I was unavailable for a few days, but nobody forgot about me Monday morning! The best part was my computer was down for very short period of time so I was never backed up with my work. Thank you for helping me and doing such a great job!"
     -Satisfied User

"Lisandro is always very helpful. He is open minded and thinks outside the box to get your problem or question answered. Great employee."
     -Satisfied User

I wanted to let you know that you are doing a great job. You have picked up the process quickly and are getting the hang of things. I know there are very unique setups for all the random 1 offs that come through, you are handling it well! For your first week on the job and being trained remotely you are doing fantastic!
Thanks Abe! Glad you are on board!"
     -Support Service Manager

"Good morning...Just wanted to tell you all thanks a bunch for the great staff you all have. I had the pleasure of working with Eric W. from your IT department. He is very professional and customer friendly. He worked diligently and patiently with me to get our printers up and running. We are very grateful and happy here at work now. Again thanks a bunch for the great support."
     -Satisfied User

"ABS has a solid team. We are very blessed to have found ABS."
     -IT Manager

Thank you very much for 'saving the day'! Great work on Steve's computer, resolving the issue quickly. It is great to receive this good news from the CIO!
Thanks Frank! Keep up the great work!"
     -Support Service Manager

"Kudos to you and your teams. One of our Nursing Administrators spoke glowingly about Help Desk today in front of our CIO and our whole group of hospital administrators. She described ABS as real pros whose service should be modeled across the hospital, referring specifically to agents' demeanor while 'talking her off the ledge' several times in the past month or so.
In the face of all the big projects right now, it's gratifying that the basic things are being attended to strongly. Our numbers continue to demonstrate this too. These interactions are often the face of IM Dept, and matter greatly.
I appreciate your solid work in this area. Thanks again."
     -IT Director

"I want to add my thanks to all of you for the outstanding job you do...under the current workload to be able to maintain this level of service is just amazing."

"Once again, I want to thank Dan B. for a great job. I believe (hope) I sent a thank you email out when we completed our move from old location to new location. Now I need to thank him for a great job in helping me to plan and execute the opening of our Florida office."
     -IT Director

During our time working together you have become a valuable member of my team, and our company as a whole. I want to recognize the effort you put into ensuring our company's objectives are met and taking an active role in motivating other team members to follow. The solid communication with me that you maintain supports our plotted course in both technology and general business goals.
We have contended with many obstacles together, and you make it a point to regularly pull through. I'm looking forward to exciting developments on the horizon and our continued partnership."
     -IS Manager

"Subject: I love the ABS people
...they are the warmest nicest IT people I have ever worked with :)"
     -Regional Sales Director

"Once again, I am so grateful for our good support system! If these people don't do their job effectively, we can't do ours! Thanks to the Help Desk team!!!"
     -Satisfied User

"Good evening Jeanine,
I want to take a brief moment and thank you for the excellent work you have done for our team here. The positive feedback I have received shows your dedication to customer care and providing a quality experience.
Thank you!"
     -IS Manager