Delivering a Full Suite of Microsoft SQL Services

Design and Development
Does your team have the years of expertise needed to develop a well designed, custom SQL server database? Realistically, do they have the time? Do they fully appreciate the risk assessment and mitigation factors? We do! Reach out to ABS to efficiently create an SQL solution that custom fits the database schema based on all your company's unique requirements: business, operational, and financial. Beyond crafting the architecture for custom SQL databases, additional services include:

  • Proactive 24/7/365 database and hardware monitoring
  • Database replication optimization and log file shipping strategies
  • Performance tuning and enhancement recommendations

Without the right reporting, you're flying blind. With the right reporting, you can leverage data to gain critical business intelligence and maximize operational efficiency. And day-old information doesn't cut it in today's world; real time, secure access from anywhere is the new standard. We can help you get there.

ABS provides custom SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, or enhances your third party software applications to disseminate information to your key audiences: employees, partners and customers. Results are user friendly, reliable, scalable and cost effective.

Ask us how we can help you convert mountains of data into real information you can use.

Audit and Review
Sometimes you don't have to discard existing custom applications and start all over again! Maybe they just need a performance checkup. We provide experienced "fresh eyes" to assess what you have in place today. We evaluate existing source code, including "spaghetti code" left behind from previous developers. We also look at documentation, a key component of user productivity, to ensure it's current and valid. If necessary, we'll make database and reporting modifications to improve the application performance and usability.

Disaster Recovery and High-Availability Bench-Marking
With mission-critical SQL environments, maximizing uptime and ensuring a rapid recovery are essential. ABS offers best of breed disaster recovery and high-availability (HA) services to minimize business interruptions and downtime. By leveraging innovative technologies, ABS can help deliver a cost-effective, rock solid platform for your SQL database and data warehousing requirements. Additional related services include:

  • Business impact analysis specifically related to SQL applications and services
  • Enterprise class online backup solution which is stored off-site in a secure data center