Proactive Desktop Management

Let ABS assist in the planning and administration of the monthly maintenance and support services related to Microsoft Windows security updates, antivirus as well as antimalware protection. Our certified and industry experienced network engineers will design solutions with a phased approach to mitigate risks and ensure systems are running efficiently.

Key elements of this service include the following:

  • Monthly administration services
  • Perform Microsoft Windows security updates
  • Install and support antivirus and antimalware components
  • Provide asset inventory information and remote control capabilities
  • Ongoing professional services

Patch Management

Protecting your PC infrastructure can be a daunting task, especially for organizations that retain a large mobile workforce. In fact, administrators are just recently beginning to place more emphasis on keeping the user’s devices up to date with critical operating system patches and application-specific security updates.  Otherwise, vulnerabilities can be exploited from user devices rather than network servers highlighting the importance of implementing a well-managed patch management solution.  Our Proactive Desktop Management offering includes a broad range of capabilities from customized deployment schedules, to selective updates based on classifications resulting in well protected devices, minimal user interruptions, and increased productivity.   

AntiVirus and AntiMalware Protection

Integrating Bitdefender, one of the industry’s leading antivirus / antimalware tools with ABS’s Proactive Desktop Management program enables a comprehensive approach to managing both desktop and mobile environments.  Consistently rated as one of the top 5 providers, Bitdefender delivers outstanding antivirus protection, low system utilization, and broad device compatibility.

Third-party security updates

Far too often organizations neglect to maintain a secure environment when it comes to third party applications such as JAVA, Adobe, and others simply because of the time and resources required to properly monitor, manage, and administer these applications.  Our Proactive Desktop Management solution simplifies and integrates many application vendor updates so that your organization is operating in the most secure manner possible.  Application vendors supported include the following:

Apple, Inc.

Adobe Systems Inc.

FoxIT Corporation

Google Inc.


Mozilla Corporation


Opera Software

Oracle Corporation



Winzip International

In addition, multiple status reports are delivered via email each month detailing vital information about the organization’s desktop and laptop security health status.  These reports include the following:

      • Windows Security Update Information

  PDM1.png Patch_Installation_Status.jpg

      • AV Defender Status Reports


What Tasks Should be Automated?

The proactive approach means monitoring and identifying out of compliance devices and taking corrective action so those assets are up to date with vendor software and standardized within the IT environment. And the automation is in the detection, not scanning the log and performing remediation. When dealing with network infrastructure updates, more automation is not always a good thing. It may introduce risks to the environment without designated professionals testing and validating the change. The update may contain incompatible scripting with the current software and inadvertently fail. Or, considering more malicious scenarios, automation may introduce hacker deployed Remote Access Tools that compromise the network even further. To avoid this, maintaining a manual, human element to the process forces an extra instance of detection assuming the SME performing the deployment can distinguish the legitimacy of the packet itself.

No matter how the various tasks and degrees of responsibility are segregated between Levels 1 through 3, Proactive Desktop Management is best delivered as a team effort. Once the tools and processes (both manual and automated) are established, and remediation documented and coordinated, this ounce of prevention can only help to minimize service interruption at the desktop not to mention call volume at the service desk.

Remote Desktop Support