Remote Level 2 Support

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The ABS Remote Level 2 program specifically addresses the challenges of a mobile and geographically distributed workforce.   It is the perfect complement to our ABS Service Manager ITSM platform. Wherever your users areā€¦at home, in an office, hotel, airport, etc., ABS can support them. We remotely attach to their computers and provide Level 2 support anywhere, anytime. Our agents troubleshoot hardware and software issues as well as install and/or upgrade software. Even patch management, software deployment and asset tracking can be handled remotely. Since Level 2 calls generally require an extended resolution time, users can schedule a remote session at their convenience.

How It Works:
When your end-user contacts ABS, a Level 1 agent quickly triages the problem. If an advanced Level 2 skill set is required, the case is transferred to an ABS team member with the appropriate expertise and in-depth knowledge of your environment. Using remote capabilities, this Level 2 agent can assume control of the user's computer to diagnose and resolve the problem. It is fast, efficient, and cost-effective. In addition, end-users are back up-and-running quickly and delighted with the friendly, competent, 24/7 support they receive ... no matter where they are.

ABS generates monthly summary and detailed reports that include customer surveys, performance metrics, resolution rates, and service levels. We also schedule periodic management reviews with you to ensure that lines of communication remain open and that we are meeting your expectations.

Bottom Line Benefits
ABS Level 2 remote provides you with:

  • The most complete help desk solution: Remote Level 2 integrates seamlessly with ABS Service Manager for comprehensive end user support with troubleshooting, resolution, software upgrades, and more
  • Full geographic coverage, providing virtual support wherever your PCs are located (hotel, airport, offices, homes ...)
  • Level 2 services whenever needed: any time, any day 24/7
  • Immediate assistance: No travel, drive time, walking from one building to the next, flying from one place to another, shipping and waiting
  • Reduced downtime for your team members, who can even schedule longer sessions at their convenience
  • A centralized, cost-effective, consistent process that provides detailed and summary reports which are reviewed monthly
  • The best access to a friendly, competent Level 2 team trained in your environment