A Chicago Area Hospital
To Know Us Is To Trust Us

The Issue
In 2002, a large, Chicago Area hospital engaged ABS to provide a variety of consulting services. One of the assignments involved conducting an independent assessment of the hospital's existing help desk in order to improve service levels. ABS compared performance against industry standards and examined existing end-user support strategy and direction, tools and technology as well as staffing and skill sets. ABS' project team delivered a detailed analysis incorporating call metrics, conclusions, and recommendations.

Having worked closely with ABS throughout the assessment process, the hospital's technology management team had an additional project take-away: first hand knowledge of the ABS staff, its expertise and understanding of ITIL, and commitment to first-rate customer service. In 2006 when this Chicago Area Hospital decided to outsource, upgrade and expand its help desk services, they chose a partner they knew and trusted: ABS.

The Solution
ABS implemented SLAs, committed to delivering measured improvements to the help desk (one of the hospital's key objectives), and expanded support coverage to 24/7. During this same period, the Hospital embarked on a huge undertaking to move all medical records to an electronic medical record (EMR) format. ABS was asked to increase its staffing to address the anticipated bump in call volume due to the initiative.

The ABS solution converted the hospital's entire Information Management department to ABShelp™, a web-based knowledge center that integrates a state-of-the-art VoIP phone system with a robust incident management system. Further, over 4,000 end users could now leverage the self help features of ABShelp™, and view the status of their open tickets, thus reducing unnecessary calls to the help desk for updates. Metrics were automatically captured and viewed on line, while reports analyzing call and ticket volume, trending, root causes, etc., were presented at monthly meetings.

The Result
With the ABS team in place to handle the hospital's help desk support and using the ABShelp™ system, both the figures for monthly average abandoned calls and open tickets were cut in half. The ABS tools and workflow designs highlighted work in progress (WIP) and backlogs and, in doing so, attracted the resources required to significantly reduce open ticket volumes in all areas of IT. Subsequently, new metrics have been established to monitor performance on an ongoing basis. "With ABS to manage my help desk and its entire infrastructure, I can focus on key strategic projects," stated the hospital's IT Director responsible for its IT Help Desk.

In 2013, the hospital signed an additional five-year agreement with ABS and has recently transitioned to ITIL compliant ABS Service Manager.