Innovative Dialysis Systems
ABS Delivers Flexible and Improved Service that Empowers a Healthcare Client's Growth

Innovative Dialysis Systems partners with nephrologists to create, operate, and manage successful, high quality dialysis programs. Based in Long Beach, California, Innovative has developed a network of over 60 autonomous dialysis facilities that reach from coast to coast and the Territory of Guam, providing care to almost 5,700 patients.

The Issue
Dissatisfied with the level of service they received from their help desk provider, Innovative sought bids from various IT support vendors, establishing such criteria as improved communication, increased flexibility, and an enhanced quality of service and customer experience, all delivered with the most cost effective solution.

Essentially, Innovative needed an extremely flexible and highly communicative vendor to keep pace with not only their expanding technological environment, but their rapid geographical expansion as they frequently added new dialysis facilities throughout the United States.

The Solution
Innovative Dialysis chose ABS to serve as a single point of contact, remote Level 1 service desk for all of their end-users (nurses, dieticians, social workers and physicians) on a 24x7x365 basis. With the focus on improved first call resolution rates, all incoming contacts were captured, triaged and monitored via (ABShelp™), ABS's Global Knowledge Center, which includes on-demand reports and measurable help desk metrics such as client satisfaction surveys.

ABS was contracted to provide guaranteed and consistent service levels while Innovative integrated 17 additional facilities through a recent acquisition. ABS was also expected to support new technologies as introduced in the acquisition process and adapt seamlessly to the challenges new applications presented.

The Result
Within the first three months, the ABS service desk was able to achieve an overall resolution rate greater than 85% out of all reported incidents, which is significantly higher than industry standard. As a result, this enhanced level of support freed up Innovative's internal staff so they could dedicate more time to their core competencies and additional facility integration projects. Soon afterwards, ABS was awarded a number of monthly Remote Level 2 service calls to further offset Innovative's operational efforts and the increased resolution rates have benefited the client exponentially. "We're relieved that ABS has stepped up communications, service, and evolved with our growing business," says Hal Porter, Vice President of Information Technology at Innovative Dialysis. "From our new facilities to our changing environment, ABS has gone beyond our expectations and absorbed much of our internal workload into their collaborative solution delivery model."