Ennis Knupp
Seamless Transition to ABS' Comprehensive IT Solution

Chicago-based Ennis Knupp + Associates provides investment consulting services to institutional clients. "Ennis Knupp serves investors around the world in a financial capacity. Our business is data-driven, making technology - specifically network 'uptime' and data security - a key factor in employee productivity," according to Jeremy Young, Operations Supervisor at Ennis Knupp.

The Issue
Ennis Knupp was experiencing unsatisfactory support from its IT service provider. Service was marked by slow response time, inconsistency, and a less-than-customer-friendly approach. Their solution lacked redundancy, and restoring data was a manual, time-consuming process that required as much as four days to complete. Further, the backlog of IT issues was large and poorly prioritized, and their IT outsourcer appeared to lack formal support processes and practices needed to address the growing volume of unresolved issues.

The Solution
The contract for total managed services was awarded to ABS and comprised a complete solution that met all of Ennis Knupp's IT needs including: Level 1 help desk support, remote and on-site Level 2 desktop support for end-users and executive staff, infrastructure management and monitoring, and managed hosting services. "Not only did ABS's pledge to top-notch customer service put the company above other firms on my short list, but their 99.9 percent uptime during the past six years spoke volumes about the network reliability they would bring to Ennis Knupp," commented Ennis Knupp's Young on selecting ABS.

Complicating the transition to ABS was the scheduled migration dates of March 10-11, the same weekend that daylight savings time went into effect. ABS took this hurdle in stride, working closely with Ennis Knupp to complete the transition in time for a scheduled site visit by its auditors on March 12.

In addition to the managed services solution, ABS instituted best practices for support processes and IT infrastructure and implemented a secure, remote disaster recovery solution.

The Result
Not only have response and resolution times for support issues dropped from days to minutes, the ABS approach, based on the foundation that "people matter," has proven a strong fit with Ennis Knupp's own culture. "I really love the fact that ABS people are real, and we can talk to them," says Young.

ABS has significantly reduced the backlog of issues. Its robust ticketing system has helped to prioritize and focus on resolving important issues more quickly.

With ABS support, Ennis Knupp end-users are happily experiencing increased up-time; proactive management of updates and patches; and a data back-up and recovery solution that archives e-mail and other information, making it easier to comply with on-demand requests from clients and governmental agencies, including the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Additionally, data back-up and restore time is now a matter of just minutes – reduced from a previous average of four days – a metric extremely important to Ennis Knupp, as the firm has noted: "Data is our life."