Thought Leadership

How does a knowledge center differ from a traditional help desk? Will outsourcing help desk and desktop support save you money? How do multiple contact channels affect the end-user's experience? In what situations should you keep your help desk on-shore rather than off-shore? The following white papers provide you with information to consider when developing an optimal support solution for your business:

Service Desk Q & A
Learning how to run a service desk the right way isn’t something IT organizations pick up overnight. Adopting and fine tuning efficient processes, hiring and training agents, and developing the necessary tools and infrastructure can take years to assemble into a fully functional service desk. Even when all of the pieces are in place, ongoing management and a focus on continual service improvements requires as much diligence and teamwork as it does expertise. That means taking the guesswork out of IT Service Management and getting answers to crucial operational questions before taking that next step. Read more

Help Desk Outsourcing by Numbers
Whether you're measuring performance with SLAs, KPIs, and all other conceivable metrics, or even comparing internal to outsourcing costs, managing a service desk will always be primarily a numbers game. This guide is intended not only to show how such measurements are calculated, but how to keep them moving in the right direction. Read more

The Transition to Service Desk Outsourcing
When making the switch to a service desk outsourcing model, you’ve got to find a solution within budget that doesn’t sacrifice service quality, meaning those short term savings can’t have unanticipated, long term costs. Essentially, the service desk should function as your first point of contact for all IT support incidents and service requests. The agents must handle and document all contacts, have the technical savvy to remotely troubleshoot and resolve as much as possible, and do so in a friendly and professional manner. Read more

Service Desk Processes That Work
As the first point of contact for a majority of incidents pertaining to access, connectivity, and client outages, it is essential that service desk agents and team leads are perceptive and analytical with an abundance of people skills. In order to impact companywide change that minimizes workflow interruption, those skills must be channeled through an efficient process that delivers long term results and escalates timely information to the key personnel most able to assist. Read more

More than a Helpdesk: What to Expect from Your Service Desk Support Provider
Are you preparing to upgrade your current helpdesk to an ITIL v3 compliant service desk? Or are you looking to outsource Level 1 and Remote Level 2 support to a service desk vendor and want to make sure their customer service philosophy, technical expertise, and processes align with your organization’s goals? In this white paper, ABS addresses what to expect from your service desk whether handled in house or outsourced. If you’re looking for more than log and route helpdesk support and want to learn what to expect from a true service desk, let this white paper be your resource.Read more

Service Desk Transformation Guide
Has your organization outgrown its helpdesk? Are you interested in how to implement a service desk when resources are constrained? The service desk solution can quickly provide direct monetary and productivity benefits to the enterprise when implemented with an approach that begins with strategic alignment and integrates a continuous service improvement loop. Based on over 30 years of industry experience, ABS recommends incorporating six key components to ensure that IT support services achieve optimum benefits for the enterprise at large as well as your internal customers. Find out what they are here. Read more

Service Desk Support Part 1: Building Your Team
Looking for the inside dope on how to manage the operational challenges at your organization’s service desk? Debating an outsourcing solution, but don’t know what best practices to expect when seeking a service desk partner? Culled from ABS Associates’ over 30 years of IT support experience, this is the first in a three part series of a service desk operational blue print intended to help organizations run more efficiently, ultimately reducing costs while increasing their focus on core competencies. For the inside dope on how to manage the operational challenges at your organization’s service desk, take a look at this white paper. Read more

Service Desk Support Part 2: Processes that Empower
Want to pick up a few extra service desk process tips that will help streamline your service desk operations? Looking to define best practices that will help identify the ideal service desk partner? This second in a three part series of a service desk operational blue print is intended to help organizations analyze service desk metrics and improve processes as well as develop and revise a flexible solution that ultimately lowers costs. For more information on how to empower you team with industry best practices that evolve service desk operations with each challenge, download this free white paper. Read more

Service Desk Support Part 3: Tools of the Trade
Looking for service desk support tools and technologies that really work? Need to identify an effective IT Service Management (ITSM) platform for your service desk? In this final installment of our three part series on service desk best practices, we review the specific operational tools and technologies that will help organizations build and improve their service desk. For more information on how to leverage these tools for optimum operational efficiency, check out this free white paper. Read more

RFP Trend Update: The People Behind the Metrics
Developing a Request for Proposal (RFP) to identify a new help desk partner? The over-arching help desk goal is to get people back to work, quickly. Fast call-pickup, swift resolution, and caller satisfaction are all areas that your help desk provider can measure to demonstrate they’ve achieved their mission. For the inside story and questions you should ask when selecting a help desk outsource partner, check out this white paper. Read more

Smart Reporting: Using Your Service Desk to Better Manage Your IT Department
Reporting is a critical component to an effective service desk. As the single point of contact and control for all incidents and service requests, the service desk (or help desk) can provide valuable insight. The key to tapping the full potential of this treasure trove of contacts is having a reporting system that can convert volumes of data collected into meaningful information. Not sure if you're getting the most out of your service desk reporting already? This white paper sheds some light on your metrics. Read more

Roadmap for Selecting a Help Desk Outsourcing Partner
If you are either considering outsourcing your help desk for the first time or evaluating alternatives to your current provider, then this is a must read!  Wouldn't it be great if a service desk insider or someone who just went through the process could hand you detailed notes?  This white paper is intended to give you just that; an insider's perspective on what to look for, what to avoid, and what to ask when selecting a help desk partner. Read more

Virtual Show and Tell: Using Remote Tech Support to Save Time and Money
Today’s help desk support teams can quickly and securely access PCs online without traditional desk-side visits.  With remote technology, problems are diagnosed and resolved promptly increasing user satisfaction while driving costs down.  In a closer look at this growing trend, we examine user needs that are powering the demand for instant online assistance as well as specific areas of cost reduction, and tips on “What to watch out for” in adding remote support to your help desk function. Read more

The Match Game: Is Offshoring a Fit for Your Help Desk Outsourcing Strategy?
You are considering outsourcing your contact center or employee help desk function, and you can't decide whether to look at onshore or offshore options. While cost is a factor, are there certain instances when onshore outsourcing makes more business sense than offshoring? This white paper examines the pros and cons of each as well as different situations where one or the other is the ideal match for your service desk strategy. Read more

For Smoother Sailing: Transform Your Help Desk into a Knowledge Center
This complimentary white paper explains the benefits of transforming your help desk into a knowledge center. Learn how your help desk can act as a decision support tool, converting call resolution rates, frequently asked questions, and operating system failure rates into valuable information. Make better-educated choices on resource allocation, revenue growth opportunities, and early identification of problems with data your help desk may already have or can easily capture. Read more

What's Hiding in Your IT Support Costs?
There are many warning signs that indicate your organization might not be operating at its best. Even a help desk that receives minimal user complaints and experiences low call volumes can project signals that scream, "Danger ahead!" Learn about 5 hidden costs of IT support that can signify when it might be time to consider an outsourced support solution. Read more

Fact or Fiction: The Truth About Help Desk Outsourcing
• An in-house help desk costs less than an outsourced solution.
• If the resolution rate of the internal help desk is sufficient, there is no reason to consider outsourcing.
• A third-party outsourcer cannot understand an organization well enough to resolve calls on the first contact.
Sound familiar? If this is how you've been thinking about outsourcing, this white paper could help alleviate these concerns. You'll learn the truth behind these and 7 other common myths about outsourcing your organization's support system! Make your decisions based on fact, not fiction. Read more