Business Process Optimization and Automation Go Beyond IT

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When it comes to business processes, many organizations are still working with compartmentalized or obsolete tools that weren’t designed to automate workflows. Although most are aware of more efficient alternatives, they still expend valuable time and resources on manual data entry and reentry-related to project tasks lists. If there are any open or pending issues, status updates are either relayed to those impacted or requested of those responsible, on an intermittent basis. While this haphazard process can sidestep individual accountability, increase the potential for error, and create gaps or unintentional stalls in project completion, many organizations tolerate the status quo versus invest in an IT-driven solution. In the meantime, the long-term costs of avoiding process automation continue to mount.

Process optimization not only streamlines conceivably any business operation, but promotes accountability as client management or anyone with access can track the status of any assigned task, project, or order to identify the current owner. To that end, many IT industry developers are offering a more automated, efficient solution that’s available via the web, mobile devices, and can create web forms to client specifications. These web forms can be designed to capture any conceivable piece of data as well as include drop down options for distribution to recipients populated based on the selected request type and using any established workflow criteria.

ABS cloud process application development and hosting, powered by Serena Business Manager (SBM), enables developers to create a unique software application requiring a defined process workflow and tailor it to the specific and individual needs of a client. Further, it disencumbers clients from using generic, often restrictive and expensive commercial packages typically sold on a per workstation basis. The solution can be directly integrated into their intranet and made accessible from most modern web-enabled devices allowing users to be connected anywhere on the planet.

The key to making this solution work best for clients is to identify areas where they may be spending excessive labor hours and/or have superfluous staff to keep up with manual information entry, tracking or manipulation of data. ABS developers can create any application which requires some form of a business process in which to follow. Although the possibilities of cloud based workflow automation are virtually limitless.

Who stands to gain from process optimization? Any sized organization in any industry that is looking for guidance on automating or enhancing the efficiency of its business-related processes. Wherever multiple individuals with internet access need to assign, update, collaborate, and communicate on their daily tasks, automating workflows has limitless potential. Ultimately, it’s about saving labor costs, reducing monthly and yearly overhead, and further integrating various departments within the business ecosystem.