Cybersecurity is about more than just technology

Using the best firewall technology that your company can buy does help protect your organization. But it’s not a fool-proof solution. To ensure more complete protection, you must look beyond the firewall to your employees. Almost half of all data breaches are caused by insider threats from human error, rather than from a hacker breaking through the firewall. The most effective cybersecurity plans include cultivating a cyber-smart work environment to create a human barrier against breaches and incidents.

As organizations grow and evolve, their cybersecurity needs do as well. Mechdyne’s cybersecurity solution platform, Defendify, is flexible, easy to manage, and affordable to deploy. Defendify offers strong protection and awareness capabilities with available options that can be added now or as your organization requires them. We will provide you with the tools you need to protect your organization against cyber related attacks and breaches.

Platform Features

This all-in-one cybersecurity platform features everything you need to strengthen and manage your organization’s cybersecurity, in one place. Some of the features include:

  • Cybersecurity Dashboard
    • Review your cybersecurity data at a glance. The dashboard includes health grades, alerts, reports, recommendations, products and services, users, devices, and more. It is easy to understand and is online all the time.
  • Reports and Recommendations
    • Insights and suggestions help you understand your cybersecurity posture, areas for improvement, and actionable next steps—organizationally and by employee.
  • Cybersecurity Toolbox
    • A set of reliable, affordable tools for easily managing, monitoring and continuously improving your cybersecurity.
  • Dedicated Support System
    • As your dedicated advisor, we will assist you in utilizing this platform with support via email or phone.

Benefits of Defendify

These tools enable your teams to build a strong foundation that promotes a culture of risk awareness and training. Some of the benefits include:

  • Cybersecurity Health Checkup
    • Defendify walks you through simple questions to inventory your data, storage, systems, physical security controls, policies, and procedures. Defendify then generates a detailed report with recommendations for improvement. Grades are provided for key areas to help you understand your cybersecurity posture, so you have the tools to improve it.
  • Ethical Hacking
    • Defendify’s ethical hackers will test your boundaries so you can build reinforcements. We attempt to gain access and exploit security holes through measured hacking activities and manual technology infiltration. These exercises are critical in proactively uncover weaknesses and threats while verifying and determining the extent of known vulnerabilities.
  • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Defendify leverages industry leading software tools to scan your network and systems for vulnerabilities. We provide detailed reporting insights so you understand what risks to consider and determine where the critical holes are— or are likely to develop from.
  • Incident Response Plan
    • Defendify’s simple tool helps you build your plan, clearly detailing how to respond in the case of a security incident, including what steps need to be taken, when they need to happen, and who takes responsibility for what.

Cyber-Smart Culture

Creating a cyber-smart work environment starts by building a general understanding and cultivating insightful dialogue between leadership and employees. Defendify helps by providing tools and services such as:

  • Threat Alerts
    • You will receive email alerts and notifications about new incidents, attacks, and more
      that could affect your business. The more informed you are, the better position you will
      be in.
  • Training Videos
    • Defendify delivers topical cybersecurity videos and newsletters, communicating
      relevant topics in fun and engaging ways. Each module includes a short quiz to
      encourage learning and interaction while providing metrics for adoption.
  • Managed Phishing Simulations
    • Phishing attacks are one of the most common methods used by cybercriminals to steal
      information and infiltrate networks. Defendify will send unannounced phishing emails
      to your employees and, if they take the bait, they will be educated immediately at the
      point of failure with a quick video. Spot-testing your team is a great way to reinforce
      best practices while allowing you to track and report on user engagement.