Transform Your Mobile Device Support

In most organizations today, smartphones are a critical tool for employees to stay connected and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Increasingly, more business is being conducted through mobile devices than traditional personal computers, and supporting a large mobile device deployment presents key challenges to corporate IT departments.

The time required to set up an individual employee’s device can be daunting, up to 90 minutes or more depending upon the tools to assist with setup. Then add the time needed when support is required. Multiply that by the number of users you have and a large percentage of valuable IT time can be consumed setting up and maintaining the life cycle of these devices.

Mechdyne can relieve the pressures of mobile device support and drive efficiency into the device activation process. Your company can enjoy the benefits of a mobile workforce with reduced overall support costs. Your IT team can focus on strategic business objectives and maintaining high standards of support throughout your organization.

Mechdyne’s Mobile Device Services Provide:

  • Professional Level 2 support technicians experienced with Android and iOS devices
  • Experience working with wireless carrier management portals for:
    • Ordering and assigning phone numbers to new phones
    • Activating phones
    • Decommissioning phones upon device retirement
  • Assigning and tracking ownership of phones
  • Factory reset
  • Remote viewing and configuration of existing devices, making the end-user experience more efficient and helpful
  • Assigning or resetting voicemail passwords
  • Configuration of corporate mobile applications through a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution
  • Experience with leading MDM technologies including Microsoft InTune, IBM MaaS360 and VMWare AirWatch
  • Provision of startup education and general technical support

Mechdyne Service Benefits

  • Large-scale mobile device deployments can be completed with limited internal IT staff

  • Your IT team remains focused on strategic business objectives and growth

  • Reduction of per device setup time from an average of 90 minutes to 45 minutes

  • Proper assignment and correct configuration of all devices to support business rules governing security including mobile device management (MDM) and corporate applications

  • Faster time to productivity through employee education specific to their new devices