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    Project Description

    Mechdyne: A True Partner for Challenging Times

    Spanning 143 locations throughout the United States, EmployBridge is the fastest growing national provider of staffing and workforce solutions with seven divisions each offering defined recruiting, testing and placement processes tailored to the specific industries they serve.

    The Issue

    With its help desk support facing increasing costs and low customer satisfaction scores, EmployBridge knew it was time for a change and issued an RFP. The document clearly outlined its requirements, not only to reduce costs but also to achieve world-class customer satisfaction ratings. And the transition from the then current provider had to be seamless – and fast.

    In addition to today’s economic necessity of having to do more with less, EmployBridge was tasked even further with the challenge of increasing Level 1 call resolution rates in order to free up internal resources.

    The Solution

    Within one month of its response to the RFP and various site visits, Mechdyne was selected as EmployBridge’s new help desk partner, supplying Level 1support with remote capabilities to employees in all 140+ offices nationwide. EmployBridge awarded our team the contract for a number of reasons: outstanding references from existing clients, faster and more robust IT support, and tools including its Web-enabled knowledge center and incident management system, detailed metrics and reporting capabilities, as well as self-service options with Frequently Asked Questions and Knowledgebase components.

    At one point, EmployBridge was considering an off-shore help desk provider, but then realized that, not only was Mechdyne able to provide an affordable solution, but there was also a strong cultural match and shared core values which are critically important in an outsourced model. As promised, the changeover to our system proved to be practically flawless, completed within 45 days from start to finish.

    The Result

    Customer satisfaction increased dramatically from 70% to 97%. With Level 1 first-call resolution and faster speed-to-answer improvements, EmployBridge’s expenditures decreased as employees became more productive in shorter periods of time. According to Chris Loope, CIO of EmployBridge, “In moving to [Mechdyne], EmployBridge was able to reduce overall IT spending while gaining better tools and insight into the root causes of issues. This allowed us to increase both our management and user satisfaction scores. It’s important to point out also that in this climate of corporate belt-tightening, [Mechdyne] has truly been an understanding and accommodating partner.” Subsequently, EmployBridge has expanded its contract with Mechdyne, not just to outsourced help desk services, but to Level 3 network support and proactive Infrastructure Management as well.