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    Project Description

    Establishing Customer Service Excellence in the Senior Living Community

    With a proud 30-plus year history as pioneers in the assisted living industry, Enlivant and its subsidiaries operate more than 200 assisted living residences comprising more than 9,000 resident units across 19 states.

    The Issue

    Enlivant was seeking a remote service desk provider to offer Level l support to its employees for their desktop and mobile technology devices. Key deciding factors were the flexibility of the selected vendor in meeting Enlivant’s specific requirements as well as its ability to scale operations to accommodate Enlivant’s growth projections. But, above all, that vendor had to provide empathetic and responsive customer service to the caregivers and support personnel contacting them for urgent assistance.

    The Solution

    Our team presented its Global Service Desk offering which included 24 x 7 x 365 remote support in which Mechdyne’s service desk agents would create, triage, and troubleshoot incidents using the internally developed ITSM platform, Service Manager. More importantly, these agents were trained to represent the Mechdyne’s brand in their appearance, behavior, and ability to interact effectively with customers and management. The understanding being no matter how technically qualified individuals are, they must have personality, energy, and a professional presence (PEP). As with all clients, the agents realized that virtually every call they answer is an opportunity to delight Enlivant’s employees and make that next “first impression.”

    The Result

    Enlivant selected our Global Service Desk to provide Level l support to its employees. Since then, Level 1 Resolution rates have consistently hovered around 97%. In addition to the quantitative data, the service desk has built a solid qualitative reputation among Enlivant’s end-user community, prompting high praise from the executive team. Enlivant’s CIO Chet Phillips, recently forwarded these comments to us.

    “I wanted to share some great feedback from the field with regards to our IT service level. As some of you know, Enlivant’s CEO has been on a nationwide listening tour of our communities. One consistent theme he has heard was the professionalism of the IT team. Specifically, how the Enlivant and Mechdyne teams made the customer feel. Please know that your efforts are being noticed and appreciated by the people who need you the most.”

    Jack Callison, Enlivant’s CEO, elaborated by issuing the following email. “When I have asked our operating organization about feedback on our corporate support functions, our IT organization consistently ranks at the very highest level of customer satisfaction. I appreciate all you do to ensure our operators feel supported and that you consistently do it in a way that is consistent with our core values (compassion, humility, integrity, excellence, and fun).”

    Such raves and good will from a new client are the intangible performance indicators of a true success story.