December 2015

ABS Adds New Accounts in Q4

Due to its continuing relationship with one of its channel partners, OnX Managed Services, ABS is pleased to announce the addition of two new accounts to its roster of clients. Novipax, the leading producer of absorbent pads and one of the top manufacturers of expanded polystyrene foam trays in the United States, has recently signed on for ABS’s Proactive Desktop Management services. As part of its monthly system maintenance plan, ABS will assist in the planning and administration of Microsoft Windows security updates for all of the Chicago-based company’s devices. In addition to performing updates and delivering support, ABS will provide asset inventory information and enable remote control capabilities for its anti-virus and patch management solution.

Another OnX client, Fidelis Cybersecurity, a leader in advanced threat defense, incident response and breach services, was referred to ABS for its global service desk offering. The opportunity materialized when Fidelis requested a single source vendor that would be responsible for the overall IT Service Management, handling Level 1 and Remote Level 2 incidents for all of its end users. ABS’s US-based service desk agents will create and triage new incidents and service requests in its ITSM platform, ABS Service Manager, and troubleshoot and resolve those support issues remotely. The platform features an online service catalog available to Fidelis Cybersecurity’s employees via the end user portal. From this catalog, an end-user can submit a service request or an incident by selecting the appropriate icon which includes intuitive forms, a searchable knowledgebase, and the ability to view the status or previously reported requests and/or incidents.

CEO Rosemarie Mitchell is more than thrilled with ABS’s ongoing partnership with OnX. “Thanks to its solid reputation and advanced technical solutions, OnX has expanded our reach within the help desk outsourcing market. We look forward to delivering first-rate IT services and to continuing the development of a comprehensive suite of solutions together.”

How to Calculate First Call Resolution

A primary goal of the service desk will always be to resolve incidents and fulfill service requests as quickly as possible which, by definition, implies the first call or contact. For this reason, First Call Resolution is the service desk outsourcing industry metric that matters the most. While many IT professionals agree this is a fair assumption, how FCR is calculated is often easier said than done.

First, you have to capture the data. Since the information gathered by the ACD/phone systems must be documented into a separate ITSM platform or ticketing system, the accuracy of FCR remains the responsibility of the individual agent handling that call. Next, tracking and reporting on such measurements requires a unique field for FCR only so there is no inaccurate reporting during operational review of the service desk’s performance. To achieve that from a development standpoint, the ITSM platform should include a drop-down field to tickets (service request parent and incident) that would be labeled “First Call Resolution” and contain either “Yes”, “No,” or “N/A” selection options with “N/A” being default. A failsafe FCR field should remain “read-only” once the information is entered by the initial handling service desk agent. Otherwise, if it remains editable to any subsequent personnel who may update the ticket including members of the client’s IT group, there is a risk of data contamination versus accurately reporting FCR. Procedurally, the agent then marks that field as either “Yes” or “No” when they submit the ticket, a simple proposition since they’ll know during the call whether they resolved it or had to escalate it.