July 2013

ABS Signs Strategic Partnership with CDW

Earlier this year ABS formalized a new strategic partnership with CDW. Under the new alliance, CDW will resell both the ABS Global Service Desk and Help Desk Outsourcing services to its client base throughout North America. The partnership will mutually benefit both companies by facilitating CDW’s ability to meet the growing service desk demand of its customers and, at the same time, expanding ABS’s presence in the marketplace.

“CDW brings an excellent reputation and exacting high-quality standards to its partners, so we are thrilled that ABS has been selected to provide this key service to CDW’s valued customers,” says ABS’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Stefan Schurman. “We eagerly anticipate collaborating on solution development with the CDW team and look forward to many joint successes in the very near future.”

About CDW

CDW is a leading provider of technology solutions for business, government, education, and healthcare. Ranked No. 31 on Forbes’ list of America’s Largest Private Companies and No. 270 on the FORTUNE 500, CDW features dedicated account managers who help customers choose the right technology products and services to meet their needs. The company’s solution architects offer expertise in designing customized solutions, while its advanced technology engineers assist customers with the implementation and long-term management of those solutions. Areas of focus include software, network communications, notebooks/mobile devices, data storage, video monitors, desktops, printers and solutions such as virtualization, collaboration, security, mobility, data center optimization and cloud computing. CDW was founded in 1984 and employs more than 6,800 coworkers. For the year ended December 31, 2012, the company generated net sales of more than $10.1 billion. For more information visit www.cdw.com.

ABS Welcomes Olin Brass

We are pleased to welcome Olin Brass as one of our new help desk clients. Under our new agreement, ABS will be providing after-hours and weekend help desk support to Olin Brass employees throughout the United States.

Olin Brass is a manufacturer and distributor of copper and copper-alloy sheet, strip, plate, foil, and rod products and is a subsidiary of Global Brass and Copper. Olin Brass has locations throughout the United States and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

ABS Receives Customer Service Award for Third Consecutive Year

The ABS Global Service Desk Team was an award winner in the Customer Service category in The 2013 American Business Awards for the third consecutive year, taking home the bronze medal on June 17th.

The American Business Awards are the nation’s premier business awards program. All organizations operating in the U.S.A. are eligible to submit nominations – public and private, for-profit and non-profit, large and small. The American Business Awards were presented on Monday, June 17 – in Chicago for the first time, after 10 years in New York.

More than 3,200 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories, including Most Innovative Company of the Year, Management Team of the Year, Best New Product or Service of the Year, Corporate Social Responsibility Program of the Year, and Executive of the Year, among others. The ABS Global Service Desk is nominated in the Customer Service Team of the Year category for the computer services industry.

What’s in a Name?

Service Desk Support Gets Personal

How many times has this happened to you? You dial the customer service line for assistance and reach a service desk agent who immediately identifies him or herself by name and then, before you can even reply, the agent rattles off a barrage of questions in what sounds like a robotic monotone. “May I have your name and location?” “What’s your ID number?” “What’s the model and serial number?” “What’s your company code?” “What are the last four digits of your social security number?” Then, after pausing to enter all of these vital statistics into the ticketing system, they take a breath and ask finally “And what is your issue?” Probably this scenario has played out with the caller enough that it becomes as perfunctory an exchange as it is for the agent, but somewhere deep down is the distinct recollection that phone etiquette and perhaps individual identity have been lost in the process. As a matter of course, the traditional greetings associated with almost every other phone conversation in life are supplanted by an interaction that lacks warmth and vitality.

Probably much of this has to do with the order in which the ticketing system fields are organized and how the crucial data is cataloged and retrieved, but whatever the procedural best practices may dictate, the fact remains that many service desks have taken the personality out of the people business. So why not return to that “first things first strategy” of starting with the caller ID that matters? For those human-powered call centers that may have forgotten, we’ve made a list of the top three benefits associated with making your client’s identity a priority again.

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