March 2015

ABS Secures Two New Clients

Through its continued successful partnership with CDW, ABS is now providing remote service desk and on-site desktop support to Rise Interactive, a full-service digital marketing agency for Fortune 1000 companies throughout the United States. The ABS Global Service Desk serves as the single point of contact and will handle all incidents and service requests for Rise Interactive end users, troubleshooting and resolving Level 1 and Remote Level 2 issues on a 12 x 5 basis. Included in the solution is ABS’s ITSM platform, Service Manager, in which the Level 1 agents will create and triage new incidents. Once documented in ABS’s proprietary tool, the service desk can measure service levels, customer satisfaction, and deliver a world-class reporting package that helps detect trends, root causes, and user training issues. In addition, ABS will also be assisting Rise on site with Level 2 problem resolution, installs, moves, adds, and changes (IMACs), and perform other deskside support tasks such as proactive maintenance for critical desktop hardware-based, software installations, and updates.

Through its partnership with OnX Managed Services, ABS was recently selected to assist in the planning and administration of the monthly desktop management and support services for one of OnX’s clients. In addition to performing Windows system updates for Microsoft monthly security patches, the ABS infrastructure team will manage the process for End-Point anti-virus updates for all laptops as well as review weekly SCCM and anti-virus compliance reports. Devices identified as out of compliance will be escalated for remediation to ABS’s Remote Level 2 support team as part of its Global Service Desk offering. On a monthly basis, ABS will deliver documents to OnX staff for the purposes of verifying that at least 95% of the devices are current with anti-virus definitions and have the SCCM configuration manager client installed. The three-year agreement was executed in tandem with ABS’s service desk outsourcing solution which includes Level 1 support in addition to the Remote Level 2 component. The ABS Global Service Desk will provide a single point of contact for all of OnX client’s end users on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis using ABS’s ITSM platform, ABS Service Manager. The platform includes customizable dashboards with drill-down capabilities as well as robust reporting capabilities. Service desk agents will perform incident and problem management functions and, together with the assigned team lead, make continual service improvement recommendations through root cause analysis of the reporting metrics.

The Value of Service Desk Ticket Aging Reports and Analysis

Unlike a fine wine, open tickets do not get better with age. In fact the longer they remain open, the more likely they are to indicate a larger problem. That’s why developing customized reports that focus solely on ticket aging is the first step in solving ongoing problems. To that end, we recommend segmenting and comparing open incidents by individuals, IT groups, and incident classification (CTI). Specifically, segmenting aging reports by IT Directors and then by the support groups they manage helps to pinpoint areas for improvement.

At the service desk, the Team Lead constantly monitors open tickets and follows up with the client management to determine the ideal resolution strategy. Level 1 service desk agents typically will escalate incidents to Remote Level 2 technicians, if applicable, if they cannot resolve within a reasonable amount of time as agreed to by the client and the provider. Likewise, those technicians only escalate incidents to the client’s internal IT group if they determine the issue requires an onsite presence or a Level 3 resource. As a result, the vast majority of long open tickets tend to be complex, server-based, hands-on hardware related, or contingent on access and approval. Assuming training, access, and documentation are available, tickets that remain open and within the service desk’s control to resolve are a rarity; however, a mature service desk does not simply wash its hands of tickets that sit unresolved and assigned to the client’s internal IT team. True to the concept of “one IT”, the service desk shares the same private label identity and owns the same problems as the client’s on-site IT staff. The value-add resides in how ticket aging data is tracked, interpreted and solutions developed, in collaboration with both IT partners.

For more information about ticket aging reports and analysis, please continue reading this blog here.