September 2014

Canadian Company Chooses ABS’s Global Service Desk

Building on its roster of healthcare industry clients, we are thrilled to announce that Nordion, a global health science company, recently selected ABS as its Service Desk Outsourcing partner. The Ontario- based firm had been evaluating multiple vendors over a rigorous four-month RFP process and focused on potential providers that could offer a detailed security and compliance program; a well-trained and experienced staff; and a robust, enterprise-wide ITIL tool. Under the new two-year agreement, ABS will be furnishing service desk support to Nordion’s end users throughout Canada and its satellite offices. Included in the solution is ABS Service Manager, ABS’s IT Service Management (ITSM) platform which is delivered to clients using a cloud-based (Software as a Service) model. ABS Service Manager is ITIL v3 compliant with full support for Incident, Request, Problem, Change, Configuration, and Knowledge Management workflows.

The ABS Global Service Desk will handle all incoming contacts for Nordion on a 24 x 7 x 365 basis, troubleshoot over 100 standard business and proprietary applications, and measure customer satisfaction with electronic surveys. ABS will also provide on-demand dashboard reports and service desk metrics and conduct monthly service desk reviews, with a focus on continual service improvement.

“Crucial to the selection process was the fact that ABS had an Information Security Management System program in place including privacy policies and a Business Continuity plan that instilled confidence in our latest client,” says ABS Sales Executive Stacey Roos. “In return we’re extremely grateful to Nordion for having awarded us their service desk business and, hopefully, will continue to justify their trust for years to come.”

About Nordion

Nordion is a global health science company that provides market-leading products used for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. They are a leading provider of sterilization technologies and medical isotopes that benefit the lives of millions of people in more than 40 countries around the world. For more information visit them on the web at

Senior Living Providers Sign Agreement with ABS

Enlivant, one of the nation’s most trusted senior living providers, has recently chosen ABS to be its service desk outsourcing provider. The Chicago based company recently signed an agreement in which ABS will be responsible for the overall IT Service Management for all of its end users. Included in the Global Service Desk solution is ABS Service Manager, its ITIL v3 compliant IT Service Management platform which is supported by ABS’s US-based IT support professionals. Other features are customized workflows, escalation procedures, and management reports as well as customizable, role-based dashboards and reports that provide valuable insight into service management processes.

The collaborative partnership developed this past April when Enlivant was seeking a remote service desk provider to offer Level l support to its employees for their desktop and mobile technology devices. Key deciding factors were the flexibility of the selected partner in meeting Enlivant’s specific requirements as well as its ability to scale operations to accommodate its growth projections. ABS presented a tiered pricing solution to accommodate increases in monthly call volumes as well as a shared staffing model in which additional ABS service desk agents trained in Enlivant’s unique IT environment are leveraged for spikes as well as incremental growth. ABS also offered optional Remote Level 2 support to diagnose desktop, laptop, printers, and peripheral products, essentially troubleshooting more complex issues that require an advanced skill set and can be resolved without a physical presence.

“As a member of the board of directors for an area council on aging, I appreciate how much a reputable company like Enlivant positively impacts the senior living community and am delighted that they have entrusted their end-user service desk support to ABS,” says ABS CEO and co-founder Rosemarie Mitchell. “We look forward to a long and successful partnership and helping to return their senior caregivers to work as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

About Enlivant

With a proud 30-plus year history as pioneers in the assisted living industry, Enlivant and its subsidiaries operate more than 200 assisted living residences comprising more than 9,000 resident units across 19 states. The company currently employs almost 5,000 dedicated caregivers and support employees across the country. Its employees are incredibly passionate about their individual role as part of a larger organization that values teamwork in pursuit of our new Mission, Vision and Values – all under the new Enlivant brand name. For more information, visit

The Service Desk Implementation Process

How to Expect the Unexpected in Your Project Plan

Conducting a service desk implementation is a full-time job – at least for the labor-intensive several-week period that ABS prepares to onboard a new helpdesk client. Not only does the implementation team need to meet and collaborate with the client on defining, documenting, and developing a unique solution that incorporates the often unanticipated minutiae involved in launching a smoothly run service desk, but it typically requires constant communication to tweak it to perfection. Serving as the hub of such ongoing communication during the implementation phase and acting as the pressure point in its timely delivery is an ABS’s Director of Operations Hector Gonzalez who works closely with an experienced project management team. For him, the clock doesn’t start ticking towards the targeted “go live” date until the crucial kickoff meeting with the client is held. Since this is the first opportunity to define the client’s organizational structure and processes to be addressed, precious little can move forward in the project plan until that framework is set. So what does this initial meeting typically entail?

“It’s all about getting to know the client, their technical environment, and establishing a set of expectations that align with their business objectives,” says Gonzalez. “We review the project plan along with various templates or guidelines that address how ABS’s agents will communicate with the client’s internal personnel and how ticket routings will work. For example, for issues not resolved at Level 1, escalations are transferred to various internal groups. What are those groups and who are the individuals in them? What types of tickets would we transfer to them? Other questions to consider are which different websites do we support including a list of URLs, and who do we notify should those sites fail?”

For more information about our implementation process including client discovery, documentation, and approaches to ticketing system variations, please continue reading this blog here.