Is Offshoring Fit for Your Help Desk Outsourcing Strategy?

Still not sure if a US-based service desk is right for you?

Are you considering whether or not to outsource your service desk, yet you can’t decide whether to look at onshore or offshore options? While cost is a factor, are there certain instances when onshore outsourcing with a U.S. based company like ABS makes more business sense than offshoring? This white paper examines the pros and cons of each as well as different situations where one or the other is the ideal match for your service desk strategy.

Our guide will help you review the following:

  • Each solution’s impact on cost and quality of service
  • How to develop the right outsourcing strategy and measure results
  • Risks and hidden costs associated with an offshore support model

For details about which outsourcing strategy best fits your organization, just fill out the form to the right to download the whitepaper.

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